When your engine computer has had it’s day most people look for a second hand option, and why not it is cheaper, but as the problem remains most people do not know that the engine computer or as some people refer to it as a ECU or ECM, this is the real heart of a vehicle now, the engine computer runs most of your components of the vehicle now, if the ECU/ECM plays up, your lovely vehicle just doesn’t go.

Let’s just take a moment to see what an ECU/ECM does, it is responsible for checking the load on the engine and tuning the ignition, your fuel delivery and to deliver performance and economy. This is a metal box that has you hostage if it fails, the ECU/ECM tells all the other electronic parts to do the right thing.

For more on how the ecu/ecm works here is a link https://www.autoguru.com.au/car-advice/articles/what-is-an-engine-control-unit-and-how-does-it-work

Lets face it, everything is more and more electronically controlled these days and your vehicle is just another one. BUT, yes some ECU/ECM’s can be reprogrammed on a stand alone basis, but not all. Some and I should say most when buying second hand you have to have what they call a security kit, this means that you must get a ECU/ECM, a BCM (body control module), key and ignition, key reader, and some even the instrument cluster for these second hand units to work, and you must match your existing ECU/ECM numbers, but not all cars can have a second hand ECU/ECM reprogrammed into their vehicles and yes every second hand ECU/ECM must be coded into your car they are not a plug and drive device.

Please see a Qualified auto electrician or your Authorised dealer whether it be Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda or any other branded vehicle

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