Sandy has over 30 years experience in the dismantling industry. Sandy spent 28 years with Wickham Ford Spares before moving over to BBT Japparts and taking up the manager roll. Sandy really enjoys her work and loves getting those hard to get parts for her customers. Sandy works hard to make sure all the customers are happy with their parts

Matt is our great inventory specialist. Matt has been with BBT Japparts for over 16 years, his knowledge of parts is A1, he only keeps the right, high quality parts and buys the best cars to dismantle for the parts you need. Matt is a real asset to BBT Japparts, Matt keeps the warehouse in tip top condition where the parts are all categorized for the parts to be easily found.

Troy came on board with BBT Japparts in 2017, he is a great sales man and he comes with 25 years of motor vehicle parts knowledge, troy is fantastic on the phones and also loves to assist people with finding the best cheapest possible parts. troy comes from the new parts side of the industry, but troy now enjoys the dismantling side.

Emryn came on board with BBT Japparts in 2017, first as a phone sales person and is now our dispatch person. Emryn makes sure your parts get delivered to you as fast as possible and as cheap as we can. Emryn was a chef, but he now loves getting into those car parts. Emryn is also our local delivery person.

Charlie is a jack of all trades, he has been with BBT Japparts for over 8 years and he is our fantastic dismantler, Charlie gets those parts off and ready as soon as humanly possible for you. Charlie also dismantles the vehicles for parts for our warehouse.

Josh joined our team earlier this year, but has already proven he has what it takes to be a great dismantler. Josh is learning quickly and gets the parts off and ready with great efficiency. Josh also dismantles the vehicle for parts for our warehouse.

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